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The secret of fashion retailing

At present, some popular fashion retail industry has internationalized such as muji, H&M, IKEA... Domestic emerging brands have miniso, NOME...

In the past 90 years, these brand have become the main consumer of fashion retail industry. The fashion retail brand has risen rapidly. The domestic emerging brand miniso has rapidly expanded to thousands of chain stores in a few years.

Gold Acrylic is concentrate on providing display services for fashion retail brands. We have deciphered the reasons for the popularity of the fashion retail industry from the perspective of visual display:

Fashion retail brand display concept:

1、Science: Based on ergonomics, scientific planning in terms of space height, channel width and category combination.

2、Reasonable: Based on customer habits and consumption habits, to satisfy customers' shopping demand.

3、Function: To spread the brand concept, display product selling points, differentiate product categories, and guide product use.

4、Simple: Whether it's a product or a store VMD, good things are often simple things. Simple and practical are consistent design concept.