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5 principles to increase your sales

Currently popular fashion retail industry has internationalized Muji,H&M,IKEA...domestic emerging brands have famous Miniso,NOME...

In recent years, it has become the main consumer of fashion retail industry. The fashion retail brand has risen rapidly. The domestic emerging brand miniso has rapidly expanded to thousands of chain stores in a few years.

Gold displays is dedicated to providing display and display services for fashion retail brands. We have deciphered the five major principles of the fashion retail industry from the perspective of visual display:

1. Principle of attraction

When new stores are opened, especially for some brand stores or shops with design features, under normal circumstances, the effect of using the principle of attraction is most effective, which not only attracts the attention of customers, but also works well for the store. The brand/store features are promoted and publicized, allowing consumers to quickly remember the name of the store and spread the information to complete the word-of-mouth publicity.


2. Convenience principle

The most important thing in the store's product display is to make it convenient for customers, not to facilitate themselves. In the direction of the main passenger flow, placing some store special products can get a good experience. The product display rack design of the store is convenient for customers to take.


3. Matching principle

When displaying products, it is necessary to fully consider the mix of products, so that customers can form a consumable consumption during consumption, which can increase the store's operating income. A display rack can have different combinations, but pay attention to the product combination optimization, recommendation / primary / consumption level, etc., so that customers will be happy to accept.


4. Profitability principle

No matter what store you open, you will end up making money. For the "product display stand / display rack will help the store sales" This is undoubtedly a nonsense nonsense, the purpose of each store is to complete the sale, and then achieve the purpose of making money. Therefore, the product display/display rack that matches the store/brand will help the store to sell and complete the profit.


5. At a glance

In the display layout of goods, the most important display idea is to satisfy the customer's purchasing habits and conform to the customer's consumption ideas. Product display, only one glance can let customers see the main and other display means and recommended skills, so that customers can find the products they want at a glance, which is crucial for the display of the store. If a shop doesn't understand what it says in its own display, it will be a waste of effort and no effect.